Pricing for Limited Time Only

Pricing........ For a limited time, subsciption fees are waived and trial membership will be for one year from the date of your subscription. At the end of the year, there will be a monthly fee of $25 for those whose wish to continue their subscription.
Yes! One Year FREE!
Previously paid subscribers and new subscribers will have their free subscription extended one year from date of "Critical Mass" as explained below.

Listing your items on our site is extremely easy. Not only do we give you some great benefits but our prices are hard to beat. Dealer/Wholesalers can take advantage of our "Subscription Based" Plan which allows you to sign up for a subscription to our site and place as many listings as you want during your subscription period (contact us if you have questions). Please review the pricing schedule below before registering to use our site.

Subscription Plan 

Introductory Offer ends soon:
Only $25 per month to have unlimited listings and use our site to blast to hundreds of Dealers in the USA and Canada!

Each listing gives you the ability to display up to 20 photos and 2 videos. Happy listing!


Subscribing now while it is free will have you ready for when we feel that there are enough dealers signed up to justify placing auctions. We have labeled this "critical mass". When we achieve critical mass, we will send a bulletin to all members and that is when you really start saving middleman fees.
In the meantime, you can post auctions and notify your current list of wholesale/dealers/buyers and invite them to sign up and bid on your merchandise.
We screen all new members to insure that they are not the general public.

Auction Listing Extras



Dealer Subscription Pricing


That's less than the cost to auction or buy one Item at a Conventional, on-site Dealer Auction!