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I am the “EXPERT” that “YOU” are looking for.
Having retired from years at La Mesa RV, my seminars on the "Parallel view of the Buying and Selling Processes" are now available.

Curriculum by EJ Topping
“The Author”

● Power Selling Secrets for RV Professionals
● Climb Napoleon Hill Glide to Success
● The “Carnegie Secret” Revealed….
         The Law of Attracting like Mindedness”
● 12 Step Recovery from Poverty
● The Master key to Creativity
● How to Inspire a Buyer
● The Origin of God

“The Seminar”

Power Selling Secrets for RV Professionals….
        ...Harmonizing buying with selling.
Be Empowered
Be Entertained
Be Motivated
Be Inspired
Be Successful!

Benefits of the Seminar

Power Tools for Selling RV’s
Revolutionary Parallel view of the 10-step Buying process and
10-step Selling Processes"
Power Methods for Maximizing Gross
The Seven Most Powerful closes revealed and Defined by Example
Unification of sales Methodology (Everyone speaks the same language)
20% to 33% Increase in Unit Sales
Minimum $2000 to $3000 Increase in Average Per-sale gross
Improved Retention of Sales Force. (Hiring is Tiring)

Book Now! Limited number of seminars hosted by the “AUTHOR”
This Seminar is a “DATE” with your Future

Author’s Goal

The purpose of this Seminar is to raise your level of salesmanship from good to great. This training is a dissection of the parallel processes of buying and selling of a “HIGH TICKET ITEM”.

The analytical presentation of the elements ‘spice” and methodologies of power selling will provide a pathway of progression from “Professional” salesperson to “Powerful Professional” salesperson.

Many RV salespeople believe that the top producers are just lucky. Ever hear the statement “John keeps getting lucky ups”? When it comes to sales there are reasons and excuses. There are reasons why top producers continue to produce year after year. And there are excuses why the mediocre sales people under produce year after year.

This Seminar will cover the “REASONS”. After attending this seminar you will no longer have excuses. You will be empowered by knowledge, insight and deeper understanding of the buy/sell process.

Topping Enterprises….

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Power Selling secrets for RV Professionals"